Bundanoon History Group Publications


The history group has published several books and booklets over the years, as well as a popular DVD – all on the history of Bundanoon.

Two of the best sellers are ‘A Place of Deep Gullies: The History of Bundanoon’ and ‘Guest Houses in Bundanoon’.


Extract:“Guest Houses in Bundanoon”

‘One of the largest and best-known guest houses, Rosnel is situated in Erith Street towards the northern end of Bundanoon.

Purpose built in 1922-23 by Charles Ross and his bride Nellie (Grice), Rosnel at its zenith had accommodation for 100 guests, a ballroom, and its own nine-hole golf course (1931). 

This guest  house was extremely popular with many young people and became the honeymooners’ favourite guest house during the 40s and 50s.

…. Rosnel later became accommodation for people with disabilities. This is still the function of this famous Bundanoon guest house.’


These publications can be purchased from the Bundanoon History Group. 

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‘Place of Deep Gullies: The History of Bundanoon’       $20.00 plus $16 postage and packaging fee

‘Guest Houses in Bundanoon’ – Revised Edition           $15.00 plus $13 postage and packaging fee

‘Glimpses from the Past’ – DVD                                     $10.00 plus $13 postage and packaging fee  

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Published 2015

‘A Place of Deep Gullies:  The History of Bundanoon”


“In 1882 George Osborn opened a store, which also housed an unofficial post office, close to the railway line.  In 1890, he leased it to John Slatter, who built a new, larger, more convenient store in front of the old one…… It became known as Calverley’s Bundanoon Emporium…….”

“Another Calverley property was Altona, built in 1905 as a police station and residence for the newly-appointed Bundanoon police officer……… The police station was relocated to premises on the corner of Anzac Parade and Church Street until 1936……….  That year the circus came to town and a police horse died of fright after an encounter with a camel.”


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